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Welcome to Christians in Comics Calendar.  For our first calendar we pulled in 13 talented individuals to be the focal point of your monthly activities for the year 2011.  Each member is a Christian artists who is either working within the professional level of the comic book industry, or works on an independent level within comics.   If you would like to order our 2011 Calendar you can either go to our LINKS page or follow this link: Click Me Baby!

 If you are a Christian artist or comic company and would like to have your site on our Links area, please contact us and let us know.  If you are wanting to be apart of our next calendar event, keep an eye on the CALENDAR link for the next time submissions will begin.

 We had so many wanting to be apart of this, next year we will be making a few changes to help allow more artists to take part.  Instead of selecting 13 artists, we will have everyone who wants to be apart of the Calendar create a piece.  We will then add a shopping option so that the buyer can select their favorite calendar images for their own personal calendar.   Unlike 2011's calendar, we hope to add some kind of profit to next years calendar, not for CCC, but for the hard working artists who take part.  We will have more information as it develops.

Finally, CCC and FWOF: Graphic Design makes no profit off the Calendar.  If you feel compelled to help out with future projects and helping to build a better website, feel free to go to the bottom of the page and click on the PayPal donation button. 


Christians in Comics Calendar Team & Fish Without Feet Graphic Design